Healthon App

We are creating an app that helps the user to lose weight and get fit using health data from wearable devices with the support of mentors and friends online.

Healthon is an app designed to help people keep the motivation to achieve a healthy lifestyle and stick to it using social network mechanisms and health data analytics. It's a tool to motivate, support and challenge yourself and others to have healthier habits.

In general health apps collect data, but it is not enough to solve users’ long- term goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When you strive for better health and quality of life it's easy to start. But then you usually face some problems picking up new healthy habits or avoiding some destructive ones.

So we have designed a social fitness platform that will solve this. We enable users to communicate and support each other. Healthon processes data from Google Fit and Apple Health and shows it in chat-like fashion. Users can adjust their privacy settings and share information with their friends. We have come up with systems of challenges, nudges (our version of «like») and mentors to maintain our users’ spirit high.

We know the weight loss and get fit can be hard. 

Here’s how we can make it a little easier.

From the very beginning, we want to know a little more about you and your habits. A friendly personal AI-assistant will ask you some questions in a chat specially developed by us.

To build recommendations, we use data from wearable devices (at the moment we use only Apple Health).

Next, together we will clearly define your goals and draw up a personal weight loss and get fit plan using recommendations based on modern science.

Scientific approach
We build all our recommendations on the use of knowledge in the field of life science and psychology.

Various tasks will be available to you, for the passage of which there will be interesting rewards. Tasks can be completed together with friends and family, discovering more knowledge in healthy habits.

Changing habits forever
Our algorithms are targeted at long-term changes with the support of your friends and our mentors.

You will be able to communicate with mentors, invite friends to chat and complete tasks together. Don't worry, you're the boss! We will move in a rhythm that suits you. And it's also fun, try it!

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