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For many years we have been helping people stay in shape and advising on sports results.

Functional testing allows you to effectively improve your results, correctly assess the individual physical capabilities of the body, understand the strengths and weaknesses, correctly build the training process depending on the goals and evaluate the progress made.

Let's do functional testing of the body

An effective way to understand your physiological limitations

Modern wearable devices calculate the metabolic characteristics of ogranizm, but quite often this may not be enough for individual recommendations on the training process and nutrition plan. To do this, we conduct special testing with our clients.

Functional testing at rest allows you to determine the level of basal metabolism for calculating the optimal diet and drawing up a training plan for correcting body weight.

Testing of athletes is carried out both in a training studio (on a bicycle with a Wahoo simulator, treadmill, rowing simulator) and in real field conditions (arena, trail, bike track) using the VO2Master gas analyzer (Canada) and other mobile devices (Humon muscle saturation sensor, Stryd power sensor, Core temperature of body and others).

Оn the results of the test, you will get individual recommendations for planning the training process based on heart rate and VO2max, you will find out your current level of the body's basic metabolism, energy consumption during various types of physical activity, as well as recommendations on the calorie content of the optimal diet.

Maximize Your Performance

Achieve better results with individualized training and the latest science-based training innovations.

Just as there cannot be two identical athletes, there cannot be two identical training plans. Individualize your training by identifying your unique physiological profile with the Power Duration Curve Model. Learn how you compare to other athlete types, find your strengths and limiters, and see the different ways your body creates and uses energy. You’ll get better results in less time with personalized training zones and optimized intervals tailored to your physiology.

We conduct consultations of professional athletes and coaches online and offline using special software. We help organize the collection of health data and analyze training and physiological indicators in order to better take advantage of science-based research in peak perfomance.

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